Bomb blasts in Jaipur

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A series of bomb blasts rocked Jaipur today killing about 70 people and injuring another 200. So whats the big news? Another terrorist attack, some more innocents killed ... does that make any difference? The government, as usual has taken pledge to "punish" the guilty ... wonder when will we see the Home Minister and his bunch of cronies from Intelligence behind bars for their criminal negligence of duty.

India is not fighting terrorism as it tries to make itself believe. India is just a cry baby which starts whining whenever there is a bomb blast and then fells silent again as the lollipop of sloganeering and false promises. We are a soft nation and we don't even feel ashamed about that, covering our meekness with the mask of tolerance.....

So, these Jaipurs will continue to happen again ... lets see , for how long