Do you ...?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do you sense someone is thinking about you at this moment?

Do you ever get a sensation that someone is watching you with closed eyes, when you stand before the mirror?

Do you feel the touch as if someone has brushed by with the breeze?

Do you understand that someone has been waiting for days just to receive a "Hi" from you while you were so busy with work?

Do you ever notice someone's pain when he tries to act so cool with you?

Do you understand that someone isn't calling you not because he doesn't want to, but just so that you don't get disturbed?

Do you know that someone could have given his life to hear those three magic words from you?

Do you realize that someone needs you so much?

Do you ...?


karthik said...

well i haven't felt all those you have quoted..but one when do feels, he's the luckiest man on the globe..

Da Eternal Rebel said...

wish she could feel that too :(

Anonymous said...

She will I hope :)