The Little devotee

Sunday, May 18, 2008

There was a child somewhere in some small village of India, who was an ardent follower of Lord Krishna. He was an exceptional devotee in the sense that even at his tender age, he had learnt the Bhagwatgita by heart and was good in singing the hymns in praise of Krishna. Precisely because of these reasons he was hated by the local priest, the reason being him belonging to a "lower" caste. He was never allowed inside the temple and instead did his "puja" under the Banyan tree outside the village where none could see him.

One day while he was in his regular puja under the tree, a vision of Bal Gopal came, calling him from a distance. Since he was but a small child he thought that the Lord may be calling him from where but his home inside the temple. So he proceeded towards the temple in due earnest. When the priest saw him trying to enter the temple, he caught the little child and cursing madly, thrashed him and kicked him out of the temple.

While the priest went to the river to take a purifying bath for touching the "lower caste being", the child, heartbroken, went back to his abode under the Banyan tree. After brooding over what to do next, he decided to take help from Lord Krishna himself. So he sat there meditating, asking for the Lord to come to him. Finally after hours of tapasya, the Lord appeared before him in the form of Bal Gopal. When asked was wanted of him, the little devotee answered that he wanted the Lord to let him enter his temple.

This got Krishna really puzzled and finally he requested the child to ask some other wish as the previous one could not be fulfilled. Hearing this, the child became even unhappier and in an agitated voice he asked if even the Lord himself thought that he was untouchable and thus unworthy of entering the temple. Upon hearing this, the Krishna replied, "Friend! Till today even I have never been able to enter the temple, how can I allow you there when I myself have never owned that place?"