My tryst with Destiny

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You are absolutely free to call me an insane fanatic. But I, at least, have the guts to say that sane people don't make history. They take birth anonymous, attend school and college if they are lucky enough, get a job if they are luckier enough, marry, produce children, retire and then just fade away. Very few know them when they are alive and hardly anyone bothers to remember them when they are no more. I do not seek a life and death like theirs. And thats why I declare my rebellion against the existing system!
Today I declare to you! I am my destiny. I know my fate. I am one of those who write history. And history is written not by ordinary pen and ink but by blood and iron. So feel free to frolic in your sane world, I am happy with my insanity. I know what am I living for; and what will I die for !