Ahoy its the small car ! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seven years back when cell phones were a luxury, one man came with an idea to provide cell phones with connection at Rs 501. He was mocked, it was said that India cannot afford the costly cell phones with such high outgoing and incoming charges, that there is no reason why someone will need to make a call using the celphone when there are PCOs everywhere, and that it will clog the already crowded spectrum.

What happened in the end?

This diminutive 500 Rs cellphone ushered the Telecom revolution in India, an unprecedented success story! The luxury of the rich became the utility of a commoner, much to the chargin of the former.

Today I wish Nano the same success and believe that it will bring the same sweeping changes which that cell phone brought to India.

Go Nano! Go !


Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

NANO has shown once again the real ability of Indians to balance the technology and economy in order to give the people of nation benefit of modern technology. I salute to TATA !!
But it is responsibility of each citizen of India to utilise it rightly without making it failure on roads by creating chaos. Even though we have good roads, people's car if we do not have traffic sense then everything will be in vain!!

Da Eternal Rebel said...

Agreed 100% to you Nagendra

Indyeah said...

Pangala Nagendra Rao has said it all:)
I second it:)
I am grinning :))
its so awesome!

Indian Homemaker said...

When people say Nano will clog the city roads, I feel we are being so selfish and assuming that only those who can afford more expensive cars have the right to clog the roads. I hope we see every family using four wheelers like everybody has started using cell phones.
Lovely thoughts!!

angel from heaven said...

Perfect, small and compact for the busy congested Indian roads.