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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspired by a former comrade of mine who set on a journey to all the places of India before he joins an MBA course and get stuck in the Muck of Corporate India, I am planning one of my own :)

So I am planning a trip in the search of myself, India and a little bit of solitude. There have been places etched in my memories since childhood, from Amar chitrakatha, teleserials, history books etc which I always wanted to visit, the forts of Rajasthan, the ruins and plateau of Madhya Pradesh and so on. Since I have a Rajput inheritence, Rajasthan has always been like the lost promised land (and I must agree that Gulaal has just aggravated the feeling). Now finally I realized that I cannot wait forever waiting for this journey, have to start it some day. Just want to know if Rajasthan is still the same as I have been seeing it in my thoughts or has changed like the rest of India. This time I want to go alone and without any luxury. Let's see how it happens.

So, anyway here I am, preparing my trip. There have been so many places where I wanted but due to time constraints, will have to leave a few for the next journey. So here are the places where I want to go. See them and feel jealous if you have never been to there :)

1. Bhopal
The city of Nawabs and their almost lost culture. I want to see Bhopal for all the Nawabi charm it presents. Looking forward to some delicious kababs :)

2. Ujjain

The city of Chandragupta Vikramaditya and Bhoja, Ujjain brings an old world charm rivalled only by Varanasi. I want to see the remanents of the Golden Age of India, that of the Gupta Empire. I want to take a dip in the Shipra river which, as I read in 'Ripley's Believe it or Not!' is considered so holy that fishing is prohibited.

3. Indore
The seat of the mighty Holkars and the capital of Saint Queen Ahilyabai, Indore is the remembrance of Yashwantrao Holkar who was the last Maratha to give a tough fight to the British East India Company when everything else had been lost. The places from "The great Maratha" will finally become alive.

4. Maandu

The ruined city of Mandu is called , "A celebration in stone, of life and joy, of the love of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur for his beautiful consort, Rani Roopmati. ..."

5. Udaipur
The city of lakes has been the last refuge of the Sisodiyas against the Mughal onslaught. Well my reason for a visit to Udaipur its beautiful palaces and lakes and the fact that it lies en route to Chittodgarh.

6. Chittodgarh
A visit to Chittodgarh is going to be a piligrimage to the place defended for centuries by my forefathers' blood. The fort of Chittodgarh has been with me since childhood with its legends of Jauhar, Saka and extreme courage. I just want to visit the place and bow my head in gratitude to all those warriors who chose death before dishonor.

7. Ajmer
After the high adernaline trip to Chittod, time to calm down in the company of Khwaza Salim Chishti. Ajmer symbolizes the harmony of different cultures and religions that was India. I want to get a feel of it before it gets extinct for ever.

8. Ranthambhor
I still remember the story of those 36 starving defenders of the Ranthambhore fort who clad in the Saffron bana, opened the gates of the fort and charged on the 1 lakh strong Mughal army to fight till the end with the battle cry of 'Har Har Mahadev!'. That story read in 'Nandan' years ago is the biggest reason I am visiting this place. Another piligrimage...

9. Jaipur
Now what can I say about the pink city! Will update as I see it with my eyes :)

Whoof ! Another long post! Will be updating with how I see India during my journey. Thanks Mampi for setting up the mood with the Abida Parveen songs :)


Indyeah said...

That is one beautiful dream that is about to be turned into reality:))

I can safely say(having seen almost all the places myself) that the list is great:))

all the very best!!:)))

will be looking forward to reading your upcoming posts:))

Indian Homemaker said...

I agree with Indyeah here! I too have lived in Rajasthan and these are lovely places... the pictures are gorgeous!
Gulal reminded me of my stay there too!
A trip like this sounds so good, and being able to plan it on your own is just fabulous... the idea of finding yourself and solitude are a dream. Have a great time, look forward to reading about your trip!

Da Eternal Rebel said...

I am a bit apprehensive about it. Lets see if I can make it all alone. Haven't done such a thing for so many years :)

Mampi said...

wow, what a post...
GOod luck for your journey,
even i want to embark on such a journey but of course it has to be in accordance with my project.
lets see if i can make it in this summer, its bound to be hot but then so am i, hehe. Heat ko heat kaatey.

Best wishes
and yes,
abida does that to you, brings you to the sondhi smell of the raw earth.

Da Eternal Rebel said...


Forget the project and start the journey ... the project can run without you but what will your life without you ? :P

Karmasura said...

Wow your forefather's defended Chittorgarh?

All the best for your journey..

Karmasura said...

Do post some pics of each of the above places as well..