BHUMI turns three today :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

On the Independence day of India, Bhumi completes three years of a meaningful existence. From a toddler group of 5-6 youngsters to a big organization of 1200 + volunteers, I must say it has been a heartening journey. So many hurdles, setbacks, frustrations, struggles, successes, satisfactions, elations later, today we stand proud testimony of the fact that a handful of youth can bring a big change silently if they want to.

This small post is a salute to all those Bhumians who have done it !

Thanks a lot for brining a change to so many lives.

And to celebrate the next birthday of Bhumi, we will meet not in an auditorium. I wish we need a stadium by then :)

For pics click here


Mampi said...

the pics are awesome and very inspiring.
Keep up the good work.