A Bihari in Pardes and the fable of Trishanku ...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

During my recent vacation in Patna, while trying to cope with the dust, traffic and eternal chaos of the city and enjoying being in the only place in the world I can call my home, I recalled the story of Trishanku.

Trishanku was a great king, through his education and medication he so surpassed his fellow human beings that Earth was no longer fit enough a place for him to live. So this great man of ours decided that he need not wait for death to come and take him and instead do some tapasya and go to heaven in his mortal body. And hence our king did a great deal of meditation in all sort of difficult poses and was finally able to please the gods. He was allowed to proceed towards heaven and settle down there.

So one fine day, our king bid adieu to Earth and started ascending towards heaven. While he was still halfway, Heaven was gripped with a fear psychosis. The Devas of heaven started fearing that if this human came there while still being identified by his dirty mortal body, it will be pollute the culture of heaven, and if this was allowed then these immigrants will come and take over heaven from the Deavs. They approached Raj Indra, and appealed to him to not to allow this new outsider migrant in heaven. Indra grabbed this opportunity to score some more brawny points showing him the savior of the Devas' asmita.

Using his powers Indra threw Trishanku outta heaven before he was completely settled. Now poor man couldn't even reach the Earth. He was not welcomed in the Heaven as they would never accept him with this identity of his; and could not even go back to Earth for the fear of being called a failure. Till date Trishanku is hanging between Heaven and Earth with his head towards the Earth and legs towards the Heaven. So tragic was the curse that had befallen him.

So while I was on a hard earned 10 days vacation to my home after nearly one year, I remembered Trishanku. I see him often, working in the IT companies, Textile mills, selling panipuri or working as a construction laborer. I see Trishanku every morning in the mirror when I stand infront of it brushing my teeth....


Anonymous said...

Nice post ...
happy to know that people don't forget about their place when they are away from their.
keep writing
Visit mine too..

PD said...

We all are Trishanku bhai.. Nice post..

ganand said...

Trishanku...ekdam sahi naam diya hai aapne...

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Golden Vulture said...

heyy . nice post buddy .. that was quite a thought :) ..

May you be blessed :)
Keep smiling