Ruchika case -will we ever get justice for Shilpi Jain?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TV news channels and Newspapers are filled with Ruchika case.. made me very sad to see the abortion of Justice and Democracy. Now since the nation seems to have finally woken up to the injustice meted to Ruchika and her family, there are chances that she will get justice at last.

This reminds me of another girl who was raped and killed along with her boyfriend in Patna years ago. The case was another miscarriage of justice, closed as a suicide case while the criminals went scot free and went on to become Member of Parliament.

She has been dead all these years and the case has been shut down after a "thorough" investigation by the CBI, in which one accused was not tested for DNA because he refused to provide his blood sample.

Will Shilpi ever get justice ?

-- more about Shilpi Jain here --


Mampi said...

Ah we live in India where rape of Justice is taken lightly. A Sajjan Kumar suddenly becomes inaccessible to the government agncies and they gt away with the miscarriage.