Self Realization on my appraisal day :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today I have learned an important lesson in my life, that you need to be assertive enough to make the world recognize your full potential. If you want people to see the sunny side of you, be the first to see it and believe in yourself. A person who does not believe in himself is wrong in thinking that others will appreciate his "hidden" talents and applaud his efforts. I learned it in a hard way today but it is at least not too late. I that being an underachiever is much worse than being an over estimator of self. Success is of course, not every thing,. Success is the only thing; and you have to make sure that you do not become a hindrance to your success just by not being assertive of yourself. Truth alone triumphs, and that is why winning is so important; because if you loose, you will no longer be the truth. The world will never see how gallantly you fought in the battle, it will blindly worship the Victorious. So make sure it is you who wins in the end.


Anonymous said...

believe in youself and the rest shall just follow :)

If success hasnt come today , its because you arent ready to handle it yet!! When you are ready you will get it :)