Waiting for Khudiram - 100 years

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"One & half years from now
I shall be born in the aunt's hut
if you tend to forget me then
O mother!
Look at my neck
for the hangman's halter."
(Ek baar bidaai deo maa, ghure aashhi...)

100 years ago on 11th August, 1908, a young boy of 19 years of age went to the gallows with the battle cry of "Vande Maataram!" on his lips. He was Khudiram Bose, the first and the youngest martyr of Indian Revolutionary Freedom Movement.

Don't you think that Khudiram deserves to be remembered on his martyrdom day? At least that much?

100 years have passed, you didnot keep your promise to come back, O Khudiram ! Look what have they done to the country you gave your life for! Kingsford still lives and he now wears Khadi instead of Suits. The Gora Sahebs have been replaced by the Brown Sahebs who desire nothing more than to keep their thrones intact, while the nation goes to dogs. The parasites are sucking the blood of "Shasya Shyamala" Bharatmata and the all powerful public is silent. No one cares, all are just mute spectators. When will you come back? When will you hurl the first bomb again?

We are waiting for you, our Khudiram...


Attila said...

aa.. finally a blogger with revolutionary streak.. and a fan of Che Guevara...

the post was good, and not only Khudiram, but many many martyr's blood has been wasted..

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Rashveen Maini said...
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Rashveen Maini said...

it's a sad reality.. sometimes i wonder if we would have been better off under the British Raj..
our own people are sucking the nation dry

suren said...

dude.. why dint u write more about him.. the way he was tried and kept in waiting for him to attain the legal age...??? btw as usual...

Attila said...

dude.. please give us newer posts..

Hakuna Matata said...

It does seem the blood wasted was wasted in vain sometimes!

Da Eternal Rebel said...

Yes I second you... when I feel India disintegrating it looks as if the blood was really wasted