If Inspector M.C.Sharma would have been alive.....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He and his team would have been lynched by the (Pseudo)Secular and human Right wolves by now. We both know Secularists would have raised so much of stink with the ever obliging MSM digging all the records of M C Sharma’s alleged links with ‘Underworld’! By now CNN IBN would have dug up the ‘ill gotten’ wealth accumulated by M C sharma! Barkha would have called all the usual suspects in her GK studio ’splitting hair’: How these fake encounters ‘alienate’ the peace loving so innocent yet discriminated and prosecuted Minorities! By now the Deputed HM Shri Prakash Jaiswal would have dammed every one and of course Karnatka , MP and Orissa would have come handy….
Afzal Guru2 or not? Do not know, but certainly would have been another VANJARA (Gujarat cop) … hounded and hunted.

KPS Gill made a very apt remark on Friday evening in some TV show. He told that death of MC Sharma has somehow spared Delhi Police attracting the ire of Secularists and HR Activists as this death has changed the Public Mood and they shall not hear a word against Police action.

The locality in which this counter took place is literally impregnable for any POLICE force. If you and any of your reader had seen the action on TV, they just saw only a fraction of what the Area is all about. Without exaggerating, let me tell you Delhi would have been on fire. Despite the untimely death of MC Sharma, that part of Delhi is simmering.
the ‘Secular Noises’ made by the usual suspects, their ‘Fake Encounter’ theories are already doing the rounds. These ‘secularists’ can stoop down to any level even alleging that MCS was shot by his own team to make the encounter look genuine… or another absurd theory that terrorists were planted there… Blah! Blah! Blah!

All this mudslinging is well supported and effectively propagated by the 24×7 News Abuse Channels. Dime a dozen Human Terrorist Rights Atrocities Activists Supporters.

Activists Supporters, who infest Delhi city, are back in business demanding probes, picking holes, writing on line petitions. Sick!

This unholy activists and media nexus is coming in way against the war on terrorism. They are no more part of solution…they have become a ‘Problem’ on their own.

To start with we have a government who has perfected the art of NON Governance. We have a government whose Top Cabinet Ministers support SIMI and two Worthies like Ram Vilas Paswan and Laloo Prasad find ‘OSAMA LOOK ALIKE’ as a mascot of ‘Secularism’ and parade and flaunt him in election rallies in Bihar especially the Muslim majority ones! Need you more proof? By this act do these worthies not equate the whole Muslim community with Terror? Will any Muslim Intellectual answer this?

But then it is pointless to blame union ministers alone when the Prime Minister Minion himself looses sleep over the fate of a suspected terrorist!

What to say about his or her majesty - Madame Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi- government’s priorities when a Convicted and ‘Condemned to Death’ by the Supreme Court – not once but twice – is pampered as ‘Son in Law’ of the government but those ‘Brave soldiers’ who sacrificed their lives on December 13th protecting the lives of these ‘Honorable MPs’ (Honorable! Laloo Ji or Un Ke Bade or Chottey Sale Ji, Paswan Ji, Guru Ghantal Shibu Soren Ji, M P Subba Ji, Taslimuddin JI, Pappu Yadav Ji, Md. Shahubuddin Ji … ) were forced to return their Medals!

- A self serving, myopic and insensitive Political Dispensation.
- Highly irresponsible, shrieking, manipulative, award seeking, TRP driven 24×7 News Abuse channels.
- Dubiously funded, terrorist friendly, conspiracy theorists, verbal terrorists (most of them, if not all) masquerading as Human Right Activists or politically driven NGOs.
- Subservient and self promoting Bureaucracy.
- Inadequate and archaic laws.
- Extremely slow if not incompetent Judiciary.
All this to fight ‘Terrorism’ in a country, which for past 20 years has been under attack..

All this in a Country which comes second only to Iraq (a war torn country) having a dubious distinction of loosing more civilians?

All the above make me to urge the upright daring Police Officers to do what is needed: Shoot the bastards in head before they shoot you down. Terrorism has no religion, I agree. But do not bother which ‘religion’ bombers follow either. Period.

This time onwards we (The People of India) will speak for you collectively in one voice. Some of us will investigate for you guys just as Yossarian initiated and done a commendable job.

May the tribe of M C Sharma grow multi fold but with caution… you are no longer dealing with some small time ‘misdirected youths’ (as Mr Shiv Raj Patil make you believe). These guys are well educated, trained, motivated and committed. Be cautious and prepared and PLEASEEEEEE, you guys are needed to sweep the terrorism out and can do only when you shoot them down not get shot.

We the Prudent Indians will do our duty too. We will try and make sure that no ‘Upright Officer’ is harassed or prosecuted. This is our collective fight. Let us fight it out Decisively. For once and all and for Good.

All credits for this article goes to a friend "RAW" who with his posts in Orkut forum raise some very serious questions.
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