A belated note for the people in Japan

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The recent triple tragedies in Japan have been an eye opener of a sort. On one hand, they have shown the might of nature and how powerless we are against it and on the other hand, it has shown how iron willpower can stand between even the strongest forces of nature and complete annihilation. The way they have reacted to the calamity, their grit, discipline and sacrifice in the face of endless trauma boundaries on Superhuman. Think of those workers, who volunteered to stay back in the doomed nuclear reactor, think of people working calmly to help each other in spite of their own personal tragedies, think of a nation all determined to rebuild itself all over again. No mad wailing, no chest beating.. they are dignified even in their defeat against the nature. They are almost an inspiration. In their misery and devastation, a humble Japanese stands taller than most...