Shall we "donate" Kashmir?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A lot of hungaama is happening in the name of Kashmir again. There are voices from within India which say we should donate Kashmir to the Kashmiris because they are more of a liability than an asset to us and doing this will be democratically right bringing us eternal peace. Sounds fine to me, just that I have a few questions about this proposal. They are:
1. If we make this donation, what part of Jammu and Kashmir will be donated? Will it be the whole of Jammu and Kashmir or just the Kashmir Valley? If it is just the Kashmir Valley, sounds digestable, but what if they want the whole of Jammu and Kashmir as the donation? Being the intolerant majority they are, what is the gurantee that they will not treat Jammu and Laddakh in the same way as they treated the Kashmiri Pundits in 1990, the treatment in this case being ethnic cleansing. So if we remove Indian Forces and Administration from Kashmir for the peace thingie, will the whole purpose not be defeated at the hands of the new genocide that will start?

2. On what grounds do we give Kashmir? On the basis of Kashmiriyat? How is Kashmiriyat incompatible with India? Further, if it is because of Kashmiriyat, will they gurantee that the Kashmiri Pandits will be able to return back to their homes and will be protected? I doubt. So whats the second excuse? Islam? Well how can a secular nation concede territory on the basis of religion? If that happens, will it not take away from the Muslims living in the "remaining India", the moral right to stay in the nation anymore? That will be a great injustice to the Muslims of India, will it not be? Further, if it happens in the name of religion, will it not start the Balkanization of India?

3. More than 400 soldiers were killed in the Kargil War alone. I persume they died to defend Kashmir from the invading enemies. And when we talk of donating Kashmir, soaked with the blood of our soldiers, who are we going to donate it to ? To those swines (with due apologies to dogs who are atleast loyal to the hands that feed them) who pelt stones, abuse India and burn the Tri color in the steets of Sri Nagar on Friday afternoons even if something trivial happens in far away Netherlands? Where is our self respect?

Finally, it was mentioned that Kashmir is like a limb rotten with gangrene and should be amputated. With due respect I must say that Head is not a limb.

With that, I rest my case...


roopz said...

Kashmir will never ever be a part of Pak. It is the crown of India, paradise our country...And above all, Kashmirians love to be Indians...
Good post...Keep writing

village girl

Eternal Rebel said...

Well I do not know about Kashmiris love for India, is not very evident. But J&K is not theirs alone. And their love and hatred shouldnot make a difference.

TheBluntBlogger said...

:-) very well written except some strong words there :-) ok lets assume we do not donate or peblisicite *hope i spelled this right* but then as I mentioned in my post....what is the gurantee that these people will ever get a comfortable life? Terrorism has marred Kashmir and the nation. Lets ignore that bit too...but can we at least give them a happy life? If not,then what are we doing with these people? Securing our borders perhaps?

Eternal Rebel said...

@Chintan: Kashmir is a strategically important territory, we give it away and we will be left open from the top. The only way in which Kashmiris can get a comfortable life is by going the Punjab way, that is the way of peace. Then there will be no insurgency and hence no need for an armed presence in cities. India is not a bad place to be in, especially whe you compare with their Paki masters they lean towards.Choice is theirs, they can carry on with their Intefada, although India is no Israel to send Tanks to Srinagar, it is too big to be shaken from such hoolignism. They can keep spray painting whole of Srtinagar and Kupwara with India Go back, ultimately when it comes to bread, butter and security they will have to come back to us.

We support the recall of army and BSF from Kashmir, but only if they stop making their presence necessary.